Wife moving

Wife says she is moving to Seattle Washington. She said the moving Van is coming on the 25th of June. Can she just take all my furniture without my concent. She has previous two years ago tried to get a restrianer order on me for nothing. Both her claims were drop.

If the moving Van comes on the 25th of June, can I call the police to stop her from moving all my furniture? I don’t want to say anything to her or she will claim false allegiation again. I think it is better to let her do what she wants and when she starts moving everything out of the house call the police.

I have no problem dividing the furniture with her when the moving van gets here. What is your opinion?

Not positive whether or not it can be done in your timeframe. But I believe what you should do immediately is file for equitable distribution of all marital assets/debts. If you can get such a motion heard by a judge, you can get what should go to each of you sorted before she moves. Erin will probably give you better information, but I’d go ahead and start making an inventory of everything in the meantime.

I suggest you take an inventory of the items in the house and take photographs of all the items as well. If you and your wife cannot come to an agreement regarding the items she takes, you may sue her for equitable distribution after she moves, and recoup either the items themselves, or your share of the value.

Don’t want to file equitable distribution, because she might change her mind in moving. Been waiting for this day for 3 years. If I hire an attorney her attorney might tell her not to move. No attornies involved I think it is better to let her go, and then I can do what this attorney says sue her for equitable distribution. I have already taken pictures, so I just need to log everything.

if the moving company comes to you recommend calling the police to stop her from moving my furniture. I want a written record of what she is planning doing.

You may call the police if things become volatile, however they will not interfere with her taking the property absent a court order that she cannot.

How do you get a court order?

By filing an action for equitable distribution and seeking a order restraining her from taking items from the home until an equitable distribution can be made.