Need Help Multiple Issues!

First issue is my spouse refused to let me drive our cars which were in her name, so needing transportation to work I purchased a car in my name only. Now while I was asleep she has taken the key for the car I purchased and refuses to give it back claiming it is marital property.

Next issue, is she has begun removing items from the home (TV’s, pictures, electronics).She has even gone as far as to mail my phone to her mothers house. My home is getting empty very quickly and I’m not sure what to do.

Third issue, she has become abusive towards me, so much so that I carry my phone and record any threats she makes against me. She has attacked me numerous times and I have a video of it, can I use this later to prove I am a victim of domestic violence?

She has been the main bread winner making a little over double my salary and is threating to bury me legally if I don’t do whatever she says as far as getting a separation and divorce go. Her main objective is to get me to leave the home, but I have refused so far because she refuses to make an agreement about custody of our 2 children.
Thanks for any advice

If your spouse is threatening you and attempted to physically harm you I suggest you seek an order of protection immediately. You can use the videos in court.

As for the remaining issues, you are likely entitled to spousal support, and perhaps to have the court order that she pay your attorney’s fees in seeking the same, and as well, attorney’s fees you incur for an action for child custody.

You will need to file an action for Equitable Distribution to deal with the property issues, and can get into court pretty quickly to seek that the court order an interim distribution of one of the cars. You can also seek possession of one of the vehicles in a domestic violence action if you decide to pursue the same.

I suggest you meet with a lawyer in your area in the immediate future to develop a plan of action specific to your case.