Separation Questions

You are separated the day that you begin to live separate and apart from one another.
You may have to file a equitable distribution claim to get belongings back.
Since you have told her that she is not allowed back on the marital property, change the locks. I suggest getting a separation agreement drawn up. Inform the neighbors and the local law enforcement that you are separated and she is not to be on the property without your consent. If she comes back this is considered domestic trespassing.
Document everything, get a recorder on your phone, consult an attorney.

Change the locks and report the car as stolen IF she is not on the registration etc or just go get it and lock it away somewhere- you have a spare key right??. You may end up giving the car to her as part of ED but lwho knows… SHe shouldn’t have just taken it UNLESS she has no car and drove it while married…And you are seperated the day you cease to live under the same roof…

My wife left over a week ago. She has twice gone by my house to remove belongings while I was at work. She removed things such as a computer, child’s toys & Christmas presents, clothing, and paperwork. However, she also took my car, which I bought in my name before the marriage. She claims that we are not separated because she is with her parents, who live two hours away. Can I consider us to be separated? If so, can I get my car back? I have told her that I do not want her to come back. If she tries to, what can I do?