Shes taking everything

I am in a bad situation-my wife first falsely claimed abuse had me locked up and removed from our property-went to court she agreed to move out-which she did leaving half of our property and a motorcycle she bought me that i had recently paid off-i made all the house payments even when she had me removed from the home-she then moved back in violating a court order-i treid to evict me she then went to the magistrate and told them she had a court order to live in the home and they once again arrested me for harresment-once in court -they through that out also-she continued living in the home -not making the payment and allowed the home to go into foreclosure and then took everything we owned-i paid off the motorcycle because we where going to refiance our home now she has made off with everything-i cannot afford a attorney because she has cost me every dime i had dragging me in court at tax payers exspense-i plan on going to court and asking for a motion of discovery to obtain a value of our belongings not sure what else to do

If your wife obtained a domestic violence order of protection which did not grant her possession of the residence, she is in violation of the order and you need to schedule a hearing with the judge to have her removed from the home.
You must file and action for Equitable Distribution of property so the court can distribute your share of the property to you. Once you have an action pending you may file discovery to obtain documents in your wife’s possession which show the value of your property.