Wife Taking Marital Assets

Photograph everything now, don’t pay nothing, don’t sign anything and see a lawyer ASAP. Just my advice

Disbelief in the system

It sounds like she should have had you sign a pre-nup agreement. Does this mean that she is threatening you with divorce so that you will let her take her belongings and pay her? Is she planning on reconciliation if you do let her take her stuff and pay her? What is she expecting to happen a year after that separation/distribution agreement is signed? I agree with the last post. Don’t pay or sign anything yet and get a lawyer. She is entitled to 1/2 the marital assests but so are you. I’m not sure about the stuff that she had prior. IMO - Nothing about a separation/divorce is amicable especially if children are involved. I assume they are her children and not yours though.
In my husband’s case, he let his ex take everything from the house she wanted and then had a separation agreement signed that neither was entitled to anything more from the other. He then went about selling everything that they had aquired while married but made no profit, so there was nothing to split. I believe that she can ask you to pay her for 1/2 of what she bought while married but that is only if you keep the stuff. Get a good attorney.

In a few weeks time my wife has told me that she will move out with her 2 kids and take all the furniture she bought prior to our wedding. At that time she said she will demand the $45 (monies due to her for things she has bought while we have been married incl real estate). If I do not let her take the belongings and give her $45 she will divorce me (to presumably try to get more money)If I agree to her taking the stuff and give her the money she will amicably sign a property distribution agreement / separation papers.

1).Can you pls tell me what legal right she has to take her stuff before a separation agreement or divorce?

Thanks in advance