Wife toke off with Car Key

Then the car has been stolen if its rightfully yours, call the police report the car stolen, call your insurance(becasue she shouldn’t be on it) get you a rental and when all said and done ask for reimburstment.

I mean I still have the car it’s like it’s a waiting game to find out if and when she is going to take off with it.

couldn’t you have the outdoor locks rekeyed? Just wondering I am not an expert on this

That would be VERY expensive to have done the car being a 2004 plus it being a PATS Key (Passive Anti-Theft System) car. something like that I would be looking at $500 to $1000 in labor.

[i]Originally posted by soccermom[/i] [br]couldn't you have the outdoor locks rekeyed? Just wondering I am not an expert on this

I sure hope you contacted the police and made a police report…What did the lawyer say? Do you have proof that she has the key?

So I guess there was only one key to the car, if so , and if she has that key you are probably not going to be able to prove she took it. So do you have a key to that vehicle.

Getting the keys back at this time will do no good, since she could get copies of the keys made and return the originals to you.

I would file a police report on the theft of the keys so that it is documented. Then let the ex know that that has been done. Also inform her that if the car is ever missing, you would file a stolen vehicle report. She is looking at a lot of trouble at that point if she has the car.

Call the car manufacturer and explain it to them. give them the vehcile VIN number and they will send you a new key

As far as her taking off with it … if she does that is her problem. if she takes the car charge her GTA. She would be stupid to take the car, and I doubt she will. she did this to be a bitch i’m sure

Hello, I have a question my soon to be ex wife toke off with my car key when I was not looking. The car is considered separate property, I have already consulted a lawyer on it. Question is there any law in NC that sence she toke off with the key to the car to be considered attempted Auto Theft?