My car was stolen

Last morning I wake up early in the morning and get ready for office when I reached in parking my car was not preset there. I could not believe it honestly, meantime I called police and inform them about all situation. They just registered my complaint and tell me that soon they will inform me about update against my complaint.
It was 2 weeks ago but still I cannot get any update from police department. Suggest me what should I have to do please? Should I hire any lawyer?

This is not a family law matter, and therefore is outside the scope of this forum.

You mean i posted in wrong section?

Betty, this is a forum for questions about divorce so you won’t find the information you’re seeking here.

Good luck, I’m sorry that your car was stolen. That sucks!

I’m sorry we cannot help you, but our firm only provides service in divorce-related matters. This forum exists to address questions about North Carolina divorce.

Okay guys sorry for this I posted thread in wrong section.