Wife Won't Let Me See Child


Bro, I’m right there for ya… My wife is doing the same thing, She is the one who got caught having the big 3 year affair, she got pregnant with twins and does not know who’s they are so she moved out and filed a DV case and shes doing the same thing. It hurts knowing that I can go to the school and take them or go to her parents house and take them but it seems that it is in the best interest not to, It will only make her case worse for custody… I was up at 2:30 am worried about them… It sucks…I keep kicking myself for not doing the same thing by filing a DV case against her when I caught her, then she would be the one scambling instead of trying to keep the family together.Can you find her? I wish I was more aggressive at first, now theres only one way and thats all the way…To court and bring her list of baggage.


It sounds like you got it way worse than me. The saddest part is the fact that my daughter is only three. I can’t help but feel that she might be thinking that I don’t want to see her or that I have abandoned her. The other really crummy part is that they are shacked up with my wifes “ex” in a one bedroom apartment in what is likely a crummy part of town cause the dude is poor. I am despertatly trying to play it cool, but I am just devestated by all of this


My boys are 6 and 8, the affair started when the little one was three, Since the move out, They are building a 5000 sq ft house that the kids told me about, the guy I’m sueing gave them markers to mark where they want their cable and stuff while their rooms were under construction… They went on vacation yesterday, won’t be back for a week and a half…( don’t know where) The guy hired the biggest name lawyer in all NC to defend his AOA…Even thu it’s been 4 months since she moved out, the little one called me his name twice and called me by my first name…It will come back to get her.The oldest wants to tell the judge je wants to live with me. That bothers her.


Have you talked to an attorney ? If you have, get the attorney to try and talk to her attorney. I know you are wanting to play it cool. I did the same thing. And my ex took full advantage of it. We are now in a custodial review that is going on its fourth month. She is controlling me thru the children. Allowing me to see the children on her terms. Which is usually once a month. If you don’t have an attorney get one now. Be agressive for your daughters sake. My twin daughters mean the world to me and she is taking full advantage of that fact.


Yes, I have a great attorney… Her attornies know she is a bad seed and they will have an uphill battle…After finding out more about her past during our 10 years, I cannot wait until court… She actually brought him to my sons baseball games last Saturday while I coached… That is going to stop…I feel that she has caused serious child abuse by involving the boys in her affair, having them lie about who they were with and where they were, They were only doing what mommy said…The shrink said damage has been done.We have asked for custody evals and her psych eval…( That won’t be good)She lets me see them at her will or if she can’t find someone to watch them… She was amazed last night when I told her that I had only had my 6 year old 4 nights in May and the 8 year old 5… Then she looked at the calendar and I was right, she said she was sorry and that I could have them this weekend if I was good…


My question is…do you have a custody order allowing you visitation? If so file a contempt charge which you can do yourself or have the attorney do it. If not, get one! As for not knowing where to locate her… if you pay child support they will have the address which your attorney can get or you can go on the internet under locate people and see what you can find. But enough contempt charges will get her letting you see the child/children.


Not long ago my “wife” left me and took our three year old daughter with her. I don’t really know where they are and have no ability to contact her aside from an email address.

My wife is actually a pretty good mom but has some deep-rooted and untreated psychological problems that sometimes obscure her ability to make wise or even practical choices. Anyways, that is kind of off the subject.

What I was trying to find out is if there is any legal way to compell her to allow me to see our child. I am trying to play this cool and not seem overly agressive but it is difficult because I have never abused my wife or my child neither physically or emotionally and so in my view the only reason for her to be doing this is to inflict emotional pain on me by keeping my child from me.

Any ideas???