Will not sign separation agreement

An agreement is just that…an agreement. If he doesn’t agree to the terms you have drafted and doesn’t sign it, there is nothing you can do to file it with the courts. I am assuming you are in NC and have to wait out the year separation. I would suggest you get an attorney to help you with equitable distribution of property (the truck for instance). If the truck is in your name you can, by all means, “steal” it back and hide it. Just a thought.

Also, if he has continued to call you at work you can file harrassment charges. If you have told him not to call you and he hasn’t stopped he is harrassing you. If he is threatening in these calls you can also file charges for Communicating Threats through the Sheriff’s Dept.

I have drafted a separation agreement and requested my husband sign it so that I can file it with the court. He is refusing to do so. He has a truck that is in my name and he wants me to sign that over to him. I have reported him for driving the truck with no insurance and illegal tags but yet he is still driving it and nobody has stopped him. I can not report the truck stolen because we are married. He is continueing to call me at work even after I have told him not to do so. What can I do to get the agreement filed without his signature and can I force the sell of the truck?