Work-Related Child Care- Transportation to school?


I am wondering how the following should be treated.
My kids are 10, 12, and 14.

My ex has extra child care expense because she moved to the next town over. She can’t use the school afterschool care or bus system. So, she pays $500/monthly instead. I don’t feel I should have to subsidize her decision to move outside the school bus service area.

During her 1/2 time custody, she has to hire a babysitter to pick up the kids afterschool. This costs about $500 a month.

When the kids are with me, the youngest goes to afterschool. The older two come home on the school bus for 1-2 hours alone. I am home by 5:30. My cost is $210 a month for the youngest. My ex could also send him to afterschool since I have to pay for a full month of care. If she lived in the school bus service area her costs would be just a fraction of the $210 for the youngest.

Is there anything I can do so I don’t have to subsidize her decision to move 10 miles away?


The child care costs are included in the child support calculation according to what each party actually pays. Unless your ex has increased her costs in bad faith I do not think that the court would disallow her true costs to be included in the calculation for support.