Work Sheet A

My son turns 18 and graduates from high school in June. I have filed a Motion for Modification of Child Support and have a court date. I want to know the new amount of child support I should pay for my other 2 children. Neither party can afford a lawyer. Work Sheet A says the plaintiff and defendant should complete the worksheet and present it to the court. She will not give me her pay stubs so how do I complete the worksheet? Can we just give our pay stubs to the Judge and let the court complete the worksheet?

The judge will complete the worksheet when the other party turns over her pay-stubs.

Can I just hand the judge my pay stubs or do I have to complete my part of Worksheet A and give that to the judge along with my pay stubs and proof of health insurance premiums?

The judge will likely ask to see your paystubs and proof of insurance costs.

Went to court for modification of child support as 1 child reached 18 & graduated. Represented myself. Judge completed Worksheet A to tell me what I owed going forward for my remaining 2 minor children. I think he calculated the adjustment for my payment of health insurance wrong. I pay $600 for me and 3 kids now so it covers 4 people. But as of July 1 when my new child support starts I will not have to cover the 18 yr old, but I will still have to pay $600 for me and the 2 kids. I did give the judge a letter from my employer that states I pay the same whether I cover 1 - 3 kids, but when he asked how many people the $600 covered I said 4 - me and the 3 children.
The judge’s calculation: $600 divided by 4 x 2 minor kids = the amount of my adjustment for health insurance.
Why didn’t the judge calculate as follows: $600 divided by 3 x 2 minor kids? Is there anything I can do to have this corrected?

You may submit a letter to the judge (send a copy to the other side) regarding the correction.

As my son turned 18 and graduated, the new amount of child support to cover my remaining 2 children begins July 1. Do I have to terminate health insurance coverage on my 18 year old by July 1 in order for the calculation for the adjustment for Worksheet A for health insurance premiums to be the $600 divided by 3 (me and 2 minors) vs $600 divided by 4 (me, 2 minors, and 18 year old) or can I wait until the end of the year? My ex can’t get him on hers until then. I pay the same health insurance premium for 1 to 3 kids.

If the premium is the same for 1-3 children there should be no change. I would suggest keeping him insured.

After the hearing for Modification of Child Support due to one of 3 children turning 18, I faxed the judge a letter explaining I thought the cost of health insurance premiums for Line 5 B was calculated incorrectly and my support payment should be lower. The judge divided my premium by 4 which included my 18 year old even though I pay the same to cover me and the remaining 2 minor children which is 3. It has been over two weeks and I have received nothing in the mail. The court did not give me a Worksheet A from the modification hearing. When I call the Clerk of Court & ask how to get a copy of the new Worksheet A, they transfer me to the Trial Coordinator where I can only leave a voice mail and never get a return phone call. How can I get a copy of the new Worksheet A? If it is not corrected, what can I do?

You will need to wait until you receive the final order, if it is incorrect you may file a motion for relief from judgment pursuant to Rule 60.