X will not let Daddy see the children


I pay child support and alimony to my x wife. I haven’t seen my children in 9 months. I call everyday she never calls be back and never let’s me speak to my children. I’m at my wits end! I love my girls and she knows I’m a good father. I spend my life In all hours of the day to pay my support to her and my children she makes more money off of my alimony than I do at my job! I am 47 she is 42 and refuses to work. I have very little money to pay my bills. I had no Lawyer at the day of our divorce. I couldn’t afford it. I was so hurt because I didn’t want it to end this way. I feel I signed papers under duress ! I need help!!


Thank you Uni for your advice and for those links, you have all been very helpful and I will use all of your tips and advice and, thank you for the links Uni.