Ex Wont ket me see or have visitation with my children

Me and my wife has been split up since Sept of 2012. She refuses for me to spend time or have any over nights with my kids. She was letting me get them every Monday and Tuesday after school till 8:30 pm but now she wont let me see them at all. She made her own separation agreement for me to sign but what she is asking for is crazy. She is wanting me to pay for all of her household bills plus child support to. I would not sign it so she will not let me see the kids or have overnights with them because I wont sign it. What can I do I am paying child support oout of my pay check every week like I am suppose to. I dont have the money to get a lawyer and I tried legal aid and they were no help. What do I do?

If you have not done so yet you should file for custody.

You need to file for child custody. You can find a sample complaint as well as additional forms on our website that you can tailor to your needs. If you can’t afford a traditional attorney/client relationship, you should consider using Rosen Online. Rosen Online provides you access to an attorney for assistance with document drafting and questions for a low monthly cost.