1 year seperation kids living

Dear lax67:

Greetings. You already know what you must do. You must file a custody action. Best of luck.

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I live in NC but my future ex-wife has moved the kids up to Colubus, OH. I agreed to this but she has started to date another person and has all but moved in with him. The kids are living there with him and her. I did not agree to this at all and I have told her this already.
I still have as much perental rights as per to our sepration. Can she live with this person and the kids too? We have been sepreated (Filed in Concord NC) for about 4 months now, we seprated due to not being able to get along, nothing else. No drugs, abuse, drinking, cheating, after 8 years she and I could not see eye to eye. I have set up daycare in the house I own if I can get the kids back for good. I told her that I do not even want child support from her. All I want is the kids to have a normal or as close to normal life. Right now they are to be living with her parents, in one bedroom. I have a house and I feel a better way of life for them. I have a job that pays me very well, and she only makes about $450-$500. per month. Her car payment and ins adds up to that. She only works 3 days a week, and sometimes 4 when she fills in. Her mom is on disablity, and her grandmother is up in her years. Great people but if something was to happen I would nerver forgive myself. What can I do.

Thanks for your help.