3 year review


Question, when it’s time for a 3 year review for child support, does either party have to file for it, or do letters automatically get sent out saying the 3 years are up, and request info? reason I am asking is. my fiance has been paying child support every month, and 3 years has been up, and today we got a letter in the mail from the local DSS office asking for up to date info due to a 3 year review. Is this something her mom requested or is this just a standard procedure?


Does anyone know any info on this?


From what I was told at Catawba Co. DSS, they said 1 of the 2 parties involved would have to submit for a review at the 3 yr. period and it is NOT an automatic renewal process at the 3 year period.


ok, thanks! that’s what I was thinking! She had to of requested a review, because she isn’t working now, and must be needing more $.