Child support review

Its time for the 3 year support review on the kid my fiance has with his ex. What would my fiance need to do to get the review scheduled? Who would he need to call and need to prove to get it reduced. We have a child now that is our top priority, not his other kid, plus cs was based on him working 2 ft jobs and ex not working at all. Now he has 1 job making $17 hr and ex has job making $14+ hr so it really needs to be reviewed so it can be reduced…also, is there anything he can do to request paternity test on the kid…he has reason to think his ex was not loyal to him.

Sounds like he needs to file a motion to modify child support. If he has visitation with the child, he can have his own paternity test completed. A court may entertain his request for a paternity test, but there are no guarantees if he hasn’t requested one thus far.