If I have a baby with my current wife will that have any affect on my child support payments? I was recently in c.s. court and was told I would have to wait til the 3 yr review period to add my new dependant to the c.s. calculation. Is that accurate? I don’t believe adding a dependant should be something I would have to wait for the 3 yr review for. The judge told me to wait til my dependant was a few yrs old and to come in with a c.s. lawyer. Again, this doesn’t seem right to me. Can you please shed some light on this for me? Thanks!




Your response reads as quite bitter and not very helpful. I don’t think we need to attack someone for asking a question. We don’t know the entirety of the situation to make such a harsh judgement call.

To the original poster —
My understanding is that you do not need to wait 3 years if there has been a significant change of circumstance. If there hasn’t been a significant change of circumstance then the limit is 3 years and 15% change in income. However, sometimes I hear different things so I’m interested to see what the attorney has to say.


I thought inside 3yrs could always be filled but it is always denied. Needs to be 3 years and 15%. I think reasoning is otherwise you would be court constantly. Interested to hear also.




We don’t need to know the poster. We only need to provide as helpful answers as we can for those seeking information. The original poster was neither attacking nor offensive in their post. You on the other hand are both of those things and your presence is detracting from the collaborative nature of these boards. You should respect the people here and Rosen Law firm (who provides this valuable service) to refrain from making personal attacks here.




Again, your relationship and history to the original poster is irrelevant to me. The purpose of this forum is to provide legal advice and experiences to those looking to seek it regardless of circumstance or whether or not we like, agree or condone their past, present or future actions.




That is a basis for modification. You should file a motion to modify your child support obligation.