50B Consent Order

My spouse and I are separated. We have negotiated the terms for a 50B consent order where I agree to have no contact with her and to attend an abuser treatment program along with some of the other standard language in the complaint and motion for a DVPO. We also understand I would not be able to possess firearms under Federal law while subject to the order.

How do we file for a consent order in Mecklenburg County? Should we fill out all the usual forms for a DVPO and include a filled-out copy of Domestic Violence Order of Protection indicating the terms we have agreed upon and sign it in the consent order block when we file with the Clerk of Court?

We both want to hammer out the details in writing before we go into the courtroom, so there are no surprises for either of us. What’s the best way to indicate this is a consent order when filing and show the terms we want included in the order?

Thank you!!!

The best thing for you to do is ask the judge for a form consent order when your case is called. You should then be able to get the consent order completed, signed and filed.