Consent order, non payment of child support

I have a consent order, signed by a judge in Mecklenburg county. My ex and I have both moved to another county, the same county, and I am getting the run around from both clerks offices on how to proceed with a)filing a motion to appear and show cause or b) getting with NC DSS in my current county to get assistance in child support enforcement. I’m lost. He’s over 9 months behind in payments, no insurance provided, and there are other things in our order he’s in contempt of at this time.

I guess my questions are:
1 - do I have to file a change of venue to get DSS assistance??
2 - do I have to have an attorney to file the motions in order to succeed in this matter, I’m reading alot of ppl on here are getting nowhere Pro Se.
3 - I feel if I go thru DSS it will be reduced, since he got fired from his previous employeer and claims he makes less now… I don’t want that, this amount is an amount that HE came up with… and consented to.

Thanks in advance.