2 Questions - Forms and

This is a two part question:

Why is it so hard to find the forms you need from the Mecklenburg County Court wesbsite and the Self Help Serve website?

I am looking for the following forms and can’t seem to find them, please help! THANKS

  1. Motion to recover attorney fee’s
  2. Consent Order (per previous from attorney response email re: agreeing to other terms outside of what was discussed at court - which should not be included in the temporary order)

Also, my attorney had to withdraw so once the other attorney and I agree on the temp order that I have recreated (luckily I had a draft of what my attorney had sent to the other attorney and I copied it from there), how do I have it filed at the Mecklenburg County Courthouse with me being out of state?


I don’t believe there are standard forms available either of those documents in Mecklenburg County. A lot of motions are not provided by the courts, and I have never seen a fill-in-the-blank order except as it relates to divorce judgments. You may want to look into Rosen Online. We will provide forms and help you complete them for a monthly fee. www.rosen.com/diy