DIY Divorce

I’ve been trying to use your forms for the DIY for Mecklenburg County, Divorce with Children. The forms will not allow me to complete some information in the gray areas that are used for typing. For example, on the complaint area where you list the children, I enter one childs name and age, but it will not allow me to enter another - it tabs or enters to the next gray area. And, when I’m adding my address at the bottom, it will only allow one line entered. Is there somewhere else that I should be getting these forms from off the internet so they can be typed correctly? I’m just trying to do a no contest divorce in Mecklenburg county, where we have 2 children (18 and 6). Child support has already been established, we have no ED and custody/visitation isn’t being addressed at this time.

Thank you.

Do you have a subscription to the DIY service?

No. You aren’t currently accepting new members, so I was just using the forms you have listed under the divorce area of the website.

I believe the forms accessible to the public portion of the site may be non-modifiable. You could use it as a guide and re-type the complaint, or try the self serve clinic they have packets available for divorce complaints.