Q1. Can you provide link to Wake county forms to:

a) Lodge A complaint
b) Request to Answer
c) Administrative Taks

I dont see, or my search does not provide the above forms.

Q2. How to get order mistakes or errors fixed? Who do you contact or What steps you take?

Your response is appreciated.


Unfortunately, there are no links to “forms” for the items you request. Your best bet is to consult a lawyer to handle the issues you raise below.


If they have forms for many items why the do not have a form to file?

Why they do not have a form for Request to Answer and for Admin Tasks?

Are you saying there are no forms for these? or they are not online? If they are not only do you know why?


I’m sorry, I don’t know why the court posts some forms but not others. You may find something online, but the only forms posted by North Carolina courts are on