A couple of questions

My husband and I separated in May of this year. We completed our separation agreement with Rosen Online. The agreement states that I would vacate our home if my husband hadn’t titled the home to me within a certain time frame. That has not happened and so I am looking to remove myself from the deed. I am not on the mortgage. Is the only thing that needs to be done to get that complete is filling out a quickclaim deed? Where can I get one?

My second question concerns some credit card debt in my name that my husband will be responsible for paying back. Is there anything I can do to get that transfered to his name so if there are late payments it won’t effect my credit?

I also have a question about custody. It is looking like my husband will be renting a one bedroom apt. He does not make as much money as I do but has suffered from an addiction so has waived alamony. Is he still eligible for legal custody of our children? How can I protect my children from his possible continued addiction if he wants joint legal custudy? I am not interested in keeping the children from him but I would like to know if there is any middle ground. I am trying very hard to not limit his contact with the kids. Any and all options to this would be appreciated.

Yes, one way to deed your property interest to your husband is through the use of a quitclaim deed. You can reactivate your Rosen Online subscription and get our assistance with completion and the recording of this form, or you can contact a property attorney.

The only way to transfer the debt into your husband’s name is for him to open his own lines of credit in his name, and transfer the balances.

Your custody question is too complex for answering on the forum. It would be appropriate for you to have a consultation to discuss all your concerns and different options for finding the middle ground you are looking for.