A different type of child support question

In 2008, my husband annnouced to me that he had just found out that he had a 21 year old daughter who he had concevied with a woman (who was married to another man at the time) who my husband was seeing prior to meeting me. He claimed that he did not know about the daughter because the woman led her husband to believe that the child was his. My husband and the daughter secretly had paternity testing done in 2008, which confirmed that he was her father. Because of my husband’s pathological cheating and lying over the course of our marriage (which includes hiding another child with a woman with whom he was cheating on me with that he thought was his for a 5 year period, but turned out not to be his), as well as a period when he abandoned our two children and me, I am preparing to inititate plans to divorce him since I am finally in a better financial state to handle separation. Recently, someone who knows a close family member of the daughter who he claims to have just found out about in 2008, told someone that I know that my husband has known about this daughter for years and was paying $800 per month in child support payments for her (supposedly there was a formal order for it, but likely in another state where the mother and child were living). My question: How can I find out if he was indeed paying child support for this daughter to whom he swore to me that he only discoverd in 2008. My gut has always told me that he may have known about her prior to 2008 because their interactions and comfort level with each other were just not consistent with a parent and child who just met. Should I attempt to find this out prior to retaining an attorney, or would this be something that an attorney would handle?

You may search court records in the state where the mother and child live if you wish. You may also obtain the information through your attorney during the discovery process.