A Little Panicked

The Facts:
I am a stay at home mother. I haven’t worked in 4 years. I am completely dependent on my husband. We have no savings and I have no one to ask for help.

I found out last week (with proof) that he has been having affairs since January '09. One long term. He emotionally abandoned the children and myself long ago. I am having to move to be closer to family for support.

He has a history of abandonment. Financially and emotionally. He’s already walked out on one family. Never honored his previous separation agreement. He quit his job and changed his name to avoid being responsible.

I fear that he will bail on his obligations to me and the children. A separation agreement isn’t legally binding because it isn’t a court order.

Is there any protection for me during the separation year via a court order that will require him to pay me spousal support? Or have his wages garnished? Do previous divorces ever factor into a divorce proceeding?

Thank you.

Separation agreements are legally binding, but court orders can be easier to enforce. You need to file an action for suposal support, child support, child custody, property division and attorney’s fees. His previous divorce is not relevant. I would suggest you schedule an initial consultation with an attorney right away.

Thank you, Erin. Greatly appreciated.

You are most welcome, I wish you the best.