If she has left the martial home and has a new residence then for right now all I would do is change the locks, I think the person has to be aware shes married before you can do Allienation of Affection.

the person knows she is married and has tow childern, they work together. I don’t know if i can prove it or not, but I have cell phone bills to back it up right now.


to sue for A/A the person has to be the reason for the divorce but if she meet the person after the seperation then I would think there is no A/A

My wife has moved out of the house, I know where she is, she calls the kids (one 12yrs, second on 8yrs) almost every night of a few minutes. She told be the day before my brithday in december she needs some space. That she loved me but was not in love with anymore. My question has two parts. #1 can I keep her out of our house legaly. #2 if I find out she has been seeing someone can I sue that person for breaking up our marraige, with two kids.