About to file for seperation


Either of those purchases are fine during separation. Two potential concerns, one your spouse may want to be certain you account for the spending, just in case the money you use for the purchase of the car may be considered marital, just keep your records. Also, if you plan to finance the car, the finance company will likely want your spouses signature on the contract. However, for either transaction, if you have not executed a separation or free trader agreement (allowing you to contract as an individual), it will be up to the land lord or lender whether they will contract with you. If your income alone can cover your contracts with them, should not be a problem.

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My wife and I are currently living apart. We have a child together. I was wondering If I can rent a house before a seperation agreement is filed and or completed. Also I was thinking of buying a used car and was wondering if I can do that before a seperation is completed. Will there be any reprocussions in doing these two things? Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.