Absolute Divorce Proceedings

I’m not quite sure what to expect when I attend my divorce proceeding (Absolute, uncontested). I’ve already submitted all my paperwork and have a court date set in Cabarrus county. I’ve made copies of all the forms I’ve submitted thus far and will be bringing all of those with me. What other forms, questions, or procedures should I expect? I understand the need for 3 copies of the Final Judgment (which I was able to get from this site), will that form suffice for my county? And another thing that concerns me is the “Certificate of Absolute Divorce”. Was I suppose to receive that from the Clerk of Court already so I can bring it with me? Or will I receive that at the hearing date? Just trying to get an idea of how the proceedings will go.

The court will call your case and you will be sworn in. The judge (or your attorney if you have one) will ask you a few questions regarding your date of marriage and date of separation, if you have any children, their names and ages, an whether or not all other issues are resolved. The judge will then ask if you wish for a divorce to be granted, and that’s it. The judge will the sign the judgment and give it to the clerk to file.
You do need the Certificate of Absolute Divorce. You can obtain it from the clerk’s office and fill it out the morning of your hearing.