Wake Co. - "Certificate of Absolute Divorce" What's this?


I have my divorce hearing tomorrow in Wake Co. I was going through the Notice of Divorce Hearing and there’s a paragraph where it says that on the designated date I have to go to Courtroom 9B and have a seat, and that I have to bring with me 3 copies of the Divorce Judgment, and 1 copy of the Certificate of Absolute Divorce. Well, when I filed my uncontested divorce I wasn’t given any “Certificate of Absolute Divorce”. Is this a form they don’t give anymore and the notice of divorce hearing has the wrong information, or is it really necessary and the clerk forgot to give it to me? If so, can I get it the same morning of the hearing?


The clerk in th court room should be able to provide one to you, but just in case I suggest arriving a bit early and visiting the main office of the clerk to request the same.