Access to Medical and Dental Records

Have been divorced for 6 years and have joint legal and physical custody. Both the kids have braces and have been seeing the same orthodontist for years. I (dad) were involved initially when the kids started the treatment but post divorce tensions and drama made it easier to just let mom take the kids to dentist. I just found out my oldest was supposed to have braces off 2 years ago but due to 26 missed appointments, 10 month delay for failure to get teeth removed, and several month financial hold it’s going to be another year or so until braces can come off.

I called the office to find out what the problem is and that is how I found out. I have since asked for copies of this information and was told the contract is between the dentist and mom so I can’t have access? My divorce agreement clearly states both parties have full access to all medical records and other dentist and doctor friends of mine said this happens all the time and my divorce agreement is enough to release them. Aside from spending more money on an attorney how do I get these records? This also seems to be neglect on moms part for allowing this to go on?

I would provide the office with a copy of your court order on child custody or separation agreement (whichever document your custodial schedule is set forth in). If you have a court order on custody you can also file a motion for order to show cause and seek to have her held in contempt for not allowing you access to the medical records.