I have filed for custody, and have a temporary hearing set in March in Wake County. My ex moved to Rockingham County in October. She just retained an attorney, so things are getting exciting.

Her attorney is now saying that her address in Rockingham was just a temporary address, she has recently become engaged, and she is saying that she and my child are actually living in some undisclosed location in Forsyth County. My ex was served at the address she provided to me, and she has not informed me or the court, to my knowledge. I need to sent her an affidavit of service. How do I find out where to send this and future paperwork?

My ex’s attorney has obviously advised her to move back to Forsyth County ASAP so that she can file for a change of venue. I want this to stay in Wake County.

  1. What is the proper way to find out the address where my ex and daughter are supposedly living?

  2. Do judges see through this manipulation of addresses, etc.?

All future correspondence should be sent to her attorney, at the attorney’s address.
You should ask her attorney to provide the physical address where your child is living.
I cannot predict what the judge will make of her repeated moves.