Addressing attorney breach

After our ED trial, opposing counsel was directed by the judge to write the order. My attorney was to have negotiated our differences with opposing counsel, and if necessary, submitted a competing order to the judge. She and I discussed some of the important issues in the order by email and verbally. In addition, my attorney asked that I submit to her my questions and comments about the order. I did so, and requested that she not submit my notes to opposing counsel. In the end, my attorney sent my raw notes to opposing counsel, who then submitted those same, unedited notes as our official version of the judge’s order. In short, what I expected to be a well-prepared, detailed legal document that fully addressed my concerns was anything but that.

I wrote the judge an email explaining what had happened. Do you think she will respond? What other recourse do I have? What is your opinion?

Your lawyer is in the best position to answer your questions. I suggest you address your concerns to him.

My lawyer knows how I feel about the way she mishandled this. What I am asking you is what are my options at this point. The orders have been submitted to the judge. I have sent an email to the judge informing her that the order sent by my lawyer did not adequately address my concerns; that it was in fact a confidential document not meant for anyone other than my attorney; and that I request her intervention. Do you think it is likely that the judge will read the letter? Is there anything prohibiting her from doing so, or responding to it? Is there any sort of motion through which I could or should have addressed this issue formally?

If you do not feel your lawyer is handling the case in the way you wish then you should fire him and hire another lawyer.