Adultery / Sex before Divorce is final?

My soon to be ex-wife has been having men sleep over on weekends she has the kids. They sleep in her room in her bed. The kids tell me every time I have them about another man in mommy’s bed in the morning. She will hire babysitters to watch them while her and the men go out and come in late and sleep over.

We are not divorced but separated. What can I do or say to the court/judge. What documentation do I need to do. This is becoming a normal routine for her. It seems to be confusing the children who are 5 and 3. What can I do to protect the kids and myself against her selfish actions.

Thank you for your time.

We have not yet settled child custody, ED, alimony, or any other major court hurdle / battle…What can you suggest in helping me phrase something to judge that would assist my case because of her adultry before divorce is finalized???

The adultery alone is not a basis for you to be awarded custody, however its affect on the children is a factor that the court will consider in making a determination of custody. If you believe her behavior is creating the risk of irreparable harm to the children you may file an action for emergency custody.