Adultry and Divorce

Hello, I am pretty sure my husband is having an affair. He has had one in the past and is acting the same way. Goes missing, phone always by his side, has it passcode protected, has a new credit card, etc. I have the following information that I have found: receipts for hotel rooms, held with a credit card and then paid with cash at check in as the receipt states and a piece of jewelry purchased that was not given to me or my daughter. I am not able to obtain text usage info because he is the account owner and I am just listed to do everything else but not the actual owner, they have me as co owner. I have some details on text that the carrier gave to me I guess my luck back in Nov-Dec and there was a woman that he was texting back and forth then everyday all day, but I confronted that and both said they would stop. She has now left her husband and mine is saying he is not happy and wants to separate. My question is, with that kind of information that I spoke of having, is that good enough to go to a lawyer with? Can a lawyer request text detail through a court order based on what I have so far? I don’t want the actual text wordage but just the numbers that were text. Can someone help me with answers to my question? Thanks.

If you are in litigation you can request phone records through discovery, although generally it is not possible to obtain the actual texts, sometimes it is possible to obtain a log showing the incoming and outgoing phone numbers on the text messages.