Infidelity and text messaging urgent


I just found hundreds of text messages on my cell bill. The bill is in my name and the phone is registered to me. It my wifes phone she is the one who uses it daily. I know the number and I know who it is. My wife has been confronted by me and she knows I know all about the texts. I want transcripts of the texts to see if she is lying about the pysical contact she may or may not have had in my prescence or while I was out of town on business. I have called ATT and they said they can get the trnscript but that a layer and a subpoena has to be granted then sent to ATT to get the transcripts. I am not sure at this time if I want official divorce proceedings to start but I need to know the extent of her lying. She has already betrayed my trust and until proven otherwise I have to assume the worst. Please get back to me on the best way to proceed


A subpoena cannot be issued unless there is a lawsuit filed. I suggest you ask to speak with a supervisor at AT&T to get the transcripts. There is no reason for them to withhold this information if the account is in your name.