I had filed a show cause motion back on 6/24 and I am still waiting for the Judge to sign it. My ex will be evicted from his home on 7/22 and still has not provided me with an address. My question is our child is due to be with him starting 7/18 through 7/24. I do not have to allow our child to go correct? He also had his water cut off and was going to try and get it turned back on 7/18. In our orders he has to provide me with an address and to date he has not. I just don’t want to be in violation of anything. He has already missed 21 over nights and has not seen our child going on 5 weeks.

Any advise would be great as I am a nervous wreck. He likes to call the police on my any chance he gets.

You do not have to allow visitation if you feel that the children will be unsafe with him. If he has not provided you with a new address, and he is due to be evicted (while the children are in his custody no less), then you do not have to consent to visitation at this time.