Divorce papers

im filing divorce in 8 days and now my stupid ex is saying hes filing too doesnt he have to have an address and what good is it going to do him to file when I am already going to…

He will have to list an address on the summons. It does him no good to file, and if he does, you can simply have the cases consolidated.

can an attorney file the divorce in other words get my address and is the attorney allowed to give him my address also

Yes, the attorney can get your address and provide it to him.

is there a way to stop that from happening because I dont want him around me and my daughter hes dangerous

If you are afraid of your ex I would suggest you apply to the court for a domestic violence retraining order to keep him away from you and your child.

What part of the court would I do this in because people are telling me that I cant unless he has threatened me in some way.

You need to go see the clerk of district court to file for a Domestic Violence Order if your ex has threatened you and put you in fear of physical harm.

What if he violates it in any type of way

He will be arrested.