X husband outta jail

Today my x husband got outta jail for his child support that he owes me He told the case worker that he wanted it court ordered that I give him my address unless I can prove that there is a domestic violence issue. My issue is that I do not want to let him have my address he is a very mean person and I want to protect my family and my daughter from him b/c he is a registered sex offender. If held contempt in court what can I do about this?

Try getting a P.O. box.

He wants my physical address

You may refuse to provide the same until ordered by a judge to turn it over, if you are truly afraid that you would be in danger of imminent physical harm if he were to have your address.

So if he calls Dss and says I wont provide the address and they hold me contempt to arrest me who do I tell and What do I tell them b/c I cannot get a restraining order against him in Alamance County b/c it is things from the past not recent?

IF you are afraid to give him your address, yes, that is what you would tell them.

Would I tell the judge this information I have already told Social Services? Do I need proof there is Domestic Violence in the past from him or just verbally tell them

You file a motion for emergency custody and then appear before the judge who will allow you the chance to speak and will ask you questions he or she may have about the situation.

If I file for emergency custody will the father be present also?

Likely not at the initial hearing, but you must give him at least two hour’s notice before appearing before the judge.