Ex moved & refuses to provide correct new address

I have primary custody. Our court order states we must provide written notice to the other party 30 days “before” a move . I found out ex moved from when the kids last visited. Ex moved weeks ago,has given several false addresses to me, and says it is new construction so she doesnt know the address.

Ex lives in another count about 100 miles from Charlotte.

Ex is “sharing” the house with a much older man she says owns it, she says is letting her and her other kids live their for free. I feel very uneasy about this arrangement,( my kids are 9 & 12) and coupled with the concealing of address and not providing court ordered advance notice of move/address that I should not allow her to take the kids next weekend and not until ex provides court ordered correct ( verifiable) address, as I will have no idea where they are for that weekend.

My question is, based on the above, do I have reasonable grounds to deny the visitation, and should I file a contempt motion or just deny visits until the address is provided ??

One party’s contempt does not allow you to withhold custody and you could also be held in contempt. I understand your concerns, and if those fears give you genuine concern for their safety, you can consider filing a motion for emergency custody to have the court order different visitation based on the living situation.