Disregard of court order


I had temporary custody of my kids. Just recently the courts have switched custody back to my wife. I have visitation on Tuesdays and thursdays and every other weekend. I was under the impression that I had the right to know the exact address of where my children would be living. We have it set up to do exchanges at the sheriff’s department only to protect me as I am in the military and any accusations of wrong doing could hurt my career. Is there anything I can do to make her give me her address to where my kids would be living or is that information that she does not have to provide for me?


legally she has to. Is there a RO on either of you? Do you have joint custody? If you have joint custody then yes she has to provide you with an address.


She should have to provide the address as you do have a right to know where your children are living/ You can file a motion for judicial assistance to have the judge order her to inform you of where she is living.