Must Spouse Know Address?

Long story short – spouse served with Divorce From Bed And Board papers citing abuse and unlivable conditions. Spouse refused to move out. After final incident with him causing me additional stress and lack of sleep, I moved my daughters and I out two days later while spouse was at work. His atty was given a letter stating he was to stay away from me, my employment and my parents’ house. I did not keep the children from him (though I did keep them out of school for ONE day because I was afraid he’d show up at the school and take them and not return them). We have worked out visitation where he can see his kids 8 hours on Friday and four hours on Saturday this week until something more concrete can be worked out. However, he is demanding to know the new physical address. His attorney states that as the “father of the children, he has a right to know where they’re residing”. Guaranteed, if he has our new address, the harrassment will start all over again. Even if it isn’t him and he’s forbidden from the property, he will just have people do it for him. The girls are safe and TRULY happy for the first time in a long, long time!! I don’t want to have to go back to constantly looking over my shoulder. Do we have to give him the new address of where we are currently residing? We rent a cute little house, completely fenced in and even closer to work and school and my parents’.

Does he HAVE to know where we are?

If there was abuse, file for an order of protection. By getting that, you are safe against having to give him the address. But, I believe that if there is no protection order, then you would have to give it to him. I would advise that you go file for that asap if there was abuse, and you fear more.

***I am not a lawyer.

He does have the right to know where the children are living, unless you obtain a protective order which allows you to refuse him that information.