Ex moved without notice

Ex left left on a whim, packed up and moved to TX last Friday but did not tell me until the following Thursday. Child was registered at school in NC but never attended and is now attending school in TX. Have an order that defines visitation exchanges to meet halfway but ex says that there is no such thing now and says if I want visitation I must travel from VA to TX. Next visitation is next weekend. Have been to court 4 timess in the last two years and looks like I will be taking her back again. Order says that we are supposed to make a new parenting agreement before moving or otherwise we have the right to go to court. Ex has a history of making visitation cubersome and diffulct, not meeting on time by 1-2 hours if not longer, is once again not taking our child to court ordered therapy (has only gone twice since Oct 2007. I could go on and on.

Knowing my ex’s history, I feel that this move was made to once again make access to our daughter very difficult not to mention having my grievances heard in court once she changes jurisdiction. It’s not the first time she’s done this, too.

Honestly, is the only things that matter are child support and visitation? They are paramount, but ex is free to undermine court orders so long as visitation or child’s safety is not threatened. I am filing for custody modification and a separate motion for show cause if she denies my next visitation, but do judges ever get tired of the same person continually making co-parenting difficult?