Visitation next weekend

Current order gives me weekend visitation once a month. Exwife moved from NC to Texas without notice or attempt to modify the custody order, although current order states that before moving we are to do so. Current order says to meet half way but suddenly ex denies this and demands that I drive 22 hours to effect my weekend visitation. If I don’t drive 22 hours one way, I give up my visitation, but I don’t have the means to do either half-way or all the way, not to mention, safety becomes an issue for child and myself with so much driving.

How do I handle this?

On the surface, she’s not denying visitation, just making it impossible without resorting to heroic measures. It seems she is just violating the visitation exchange order.

She did this before and made frustrated every plan for visitation. I have phone records from that time where I would resolve one barrier to visitation only to have her call back a few minutes later with another barrier, a conversation that vollied back and forth until she finally demanded the ultimatimum that if I didn’t come all the way to the gas station next to her house, I would not have visitation. I filed for a motion to define vistation exchanges then and ex had a seroiusly quick change of attitude.

Since the order to define visitation exchanges, we did have motion to modify custody, and it seems that ex believes this most recent motion nullifies the order to define visitation exchanges. Does it? Either she is in contempt of the order for vistation, to define vistation, or I simply need to file another motion to define custody exchanges? I am working on a motion to modify custody, but never realized that every new motion has to list all details of previous orders? I don’t think that’s the case, but apparently my ex does.

Should I make arrangements to exercise my weekend visiation although I must travel 22 hours each way or let it go as the next modification will likely take my weekend visitation away altogether becasue of her move to TX?