Can a lawyer get your address without you telling your x spouse or them what it is to have u served with divorce papers because I already have the paper work and his address and the papers are going to run together if we both file and I think thats stupid…

I’m sorry I do not understand what you are asking.

ok I have the divorce papers can a lawyer get my address without my x knowing it


how can i stop the attorney from giving him my address?

Your address will be on the summons which your ex will receive a copy of, there is no way to stop this from taking place.

The clerk of court said to not put my address on the summons that he receives just there copy can I do that?

No,unless you can provide a P.O. box or other address, the summons requires that the Defendant file an answer and serve you within 30 days. He must have an address to do so.

I was told that I don’t put my address on the paper work because I am taking out a restraining order against him is this so because the clerk of court told me this

Go with what the clerk tells you.

okay Erin thanks for the advice