Affidavit of Attorney Fees


I terminated my attorney before my final hearing on custody/visitation, but there was a counter motion in my response for attorney fees.

My ex did not show at the final hearing and his motion was dismissed, but the judge held the counter for attorney fees open until I could obtain an affidavit.

I asked a friend who was awarded attorney fees what her attorney provided and she gave me a copy. In her affidavit, her attorney provided a detailed statement and language to the affect that he charged a rate that normal for that type of case, etc.

My attorney finally sent me an affidavit yesterday. It only states that he represented me from x date to x date for custody and visitation and his charges were x dollars. Not having done this before, I wasn’t sure if what he sent me is sufficient and I surely don’t want to schedule a hearing without the proper information.

Can you tell me what is normally included in an affidavit of attorney fees?


An attorney’s fee affidavit will typically outline each task that was completed in order to show how the attorney’s time was used to substantiate the bill.


His/her affidavit will NEVER include everything he/she charged you. That’s simply a FACT! Attorneys will NOT submit before the COURT the actual cost of what they charged. Don’t want the COURT to know!!! You’ll be lucky to get half of whatever is submitted. The rest, my dear, is up to you if you get anything!


I disagree with you momsdaughter. You obviously had a bad experience. Any reputable lawyer (and I’ve had 2) outline their bills/statements as Erin stated. I got a statement every month with details on everything the lawyer did (phone calls, emails, faxed, calendar calls) and I got copies of each and every document my ex’s lawyer got. I was CCed. When I presented the statement to the court, I received exactly what was documented the first time and 80% the next time (which is what we asked for).


I have all the monthly statements from the attorney. I can simply make copies and attach to what he provided, correct?


You may submit the copies of the statements your attorney provided you.


Well, I stand corrected. There are probably some decent lawyers who do things right, but there are also some who do not do things right. When I/“we” presented my charges to the judge (after firing my lawyer), the judge made the statement that the lawyer had charged me “excessive fees”. However, when I requested a transcript of what the judge said, his statement concerning “excessive fees” was “off the record”. I had no proof that the judge had made the statement! The charges that my attorney submitted to the court did not reflect the cost of what he had charged me! Not at all! Then, when the judge awarded me “attorney fees”, he simply awarded me the amount that I would have received IF I’d received HALF of the divisible property! This amount did NOT cover the attorney fees as the attorney only turned in a fraction of what he actually charged me! I do not have the answer except I was royally screwed. I am really glad that you (coming clean) received as much as you did for attorney fees! Yes, I am!