Attorney Fee's - Complaint filed QUESTION

I have a quick question for the attorney’s.

If you had a client who had an outstanding balance and has been making payments of $25 -$50 per month on a balance of $2K ( I had already paid him a retainer fee and didn’t think that I would go over the allotted hours, but after my court date and when I receive the invoice to my surprise, I went over!) and has kept in contact with you about work and payment situation, would you file a complaint against them?

I have requested for my attorney fees from my August court date to be paid by my ex and my attorney mentioned that he was confident that the Judge would order the ext to pay for them, but my hearing will not be until March or April.

I am a single mom and the attorney was aware of my situation (work, child support payments, money situation) and now I am in shock that this is how he is behaving and treating me.

He sent me an email saying “thanks for the payment, if you need assistance with your next court date, let me know I will be glad to help you out.” Well, this was before I had started making the payments to him, so I knew that a payment was misapplied. Of course when he realized that, he then sent an email to me stating that he is going to file a complaint against me. I sent him a nice email stating funny how nice and helpful he was towards me when he thought I made a payment and when he realized I didn’t, look how he is treating me. Of course, I didn’t receive a response.

I understand that the attorney’s need their money, but if the client has been making payments toward the balance, what good is this complaint going to do when I don’t have the full amount to pay him? (I already borrowed money from my parents for the retainer fee and I can’t ask to borrow that much again, they are retired and living on a limited income and I don’t have any family to ask). Also, what will happen at the court hearing? I won’t go to jail for not having the money, will I?

THANKS!!! Your firm has been a blessing and relief to my questions, concerns, etc.!

Everyone views debt collection differently. A lot of times, when a creditor threatens a lawsuit to collect an unpaid debt, the money owed appears. If you can’t afford to pay it, continue making your monthly payments. If payments are coming in, it is doubtful that he will actually file suit.