Has anyone filed a complaint against their attorney?


Just curious if anyone has filed a complaint with the State Bar in regards to unethical practices and outrageous expenses of their attorney. I paid my attorney a SET FEE ($10,000)to cover my entire divorce. IN total, we were in court 2 times and in mediation 3 times. My attoney claimed he WAY undercharged me and if we had gone to ED trial, then he would have charged me $3,500 more. He never gave me an itemized statement of how much I was charged nor did I ever receive ANYTHING documenting how the money was used (or the services provided). Not only did we not go to ED trial, but he referred me to DSS to do my child support (which was ALSO supposed to be in the $10k I paid him)!!

I didn’t know how involved it is to file a claim, but I honestly think my attorney took advantage of me. I’ve had other attorneys almost fall out of their chairs when I’ve told them how much I paid and what little service I got out of it all.

Anyone been through this…or any advice??


Wow, all I can say. You definetly need to file a formal complaint. Be as detailed as possible with all the supporting documentation you have.
Keep in mind that depending on where you live will have an affect on what charges are rendered. Raleigh and Charlotte have the highest attorney rates.
My attorney is in a small town thus I have not had to sell my kidney to afford the legal service. I can say that in most cases. A basic divorce case will run an average of 3500. If there is an all out battle for custody and money, the fees go way up. I hope you didnt sign a no clause statement.
Unfortunetly you wont get any money back unless the counsil finds the attorney at fault and requires him/her to repay a portion of you payment.
Good luck.