After divorce

If you have an uncontested divorce, then the other party cannot sue after your divorce for child support/AOA (not valid)? Also, can you file bankruptcy to clear your name off of a deed and why would you sign a quitclaim deed to the other party if your name is still on the deed and you are responsible if they bail on pymts, although they have listed in separation agreement that they are keeping the house? How can the other party protect themselves and they are not even living in the house?

Child support and third party claims are not affected by the divorce.
A child support claim can be initiated after the divorce, and an alienation claim can be initiated against a third party up to three years after the offending behavior occurred.

The deed to the home is not the same thing as the deed of trust (mortgage loan). Relinquishing ownership of the property does not relive you of your indebtedness on the home loan. If a separation agreement holds the other party responsible for the mortgage and they are not paying the same you may file for breach of contract against the other party and seek damages under the agreement.