Help with divorce issues

I have a few questions to ask:

Once you file for divorce (uncontested) can you be sued for alimony,child support, abandonment or alienation of affection if you already have a separation agreement in place? if you “do it yourself” how can you word it in the divorce papers to protect yourself from any of these issues? Alimony is not mentioned in the separation agreement, only child support is mentioned.

  1. If you file a quitclaim deed on the property, how can you protect yourself if the other person does not pay the mortgage and separation agreement states that your name will remain on the deed and you are divorced from the person living in the house?

You cannot be sued for alimony or equitable distribution after a final judgment of divorce has been entered. This normally occurs if the proper channels are taken, within about 90 days from filing the complaint. Child support, and third party claims are unaffected by a decree of divorce.

A waiver of alimony in a separation agreement will be sufficient to protect against future claims of alimony.

The deed is irrelevant to the mortgage. If your name is on the mortgage note you can be held personally liable for the debt.

ok…So someone cannot go after another party after divorce for child support/afa…
Can you file bankruptcy to clear your name off of a deed?

Child support is not affected by divorce and can be sought at anytime.
Clearing your name from the deed will not relieve you of liability. You must get your name off the mortgage loan either by having the other party refinance into their own name, or selling the home to pay the loan.