Alienation and Contempt of Order

My ex-wife has been alienating me from the children. She does not allow me to speak to them on the phone when I call nightly leaving a message for them to call me back (I live out of state), and she has even stated that they are uncomfortable speaking to me (which is a lie since I have asked the kids when I visit monthly). She is ordered to install skype and has not answered that as well. She does not give me a contact number to reach them when they spend the night somewhere other than with her (another court order). She has even had my oldest block me from his cell phone.

I am also concerned about the health. She has not taken them to a dentist for 2 years (I pay all medical and dental insurance). Has not gotten them to a counselor which we both agreed upon. The house has cat urine everywhere and their clothes smell like it all the time when I pick them up.

I want to file a contempt of Court Order. Can I do this without a lawyer?

Thank you for your time.

You may file a motion for contempt without a lawyer. Every person has the right to access the courts pro se.

Based on the facts you list, you may want to consider filing a motion to modify custody as well based on her inability to put the children’s best interests first.